1. symmetry world vol.4

    photo work (c) 2014



  2. I played with some material from all over the world I shot in the last 2 years and I got these little monsters and textures that I really liked. Some of these remind me of a having ritual dances or just making love, so that´s why the title ;)

    Music (c) 2014 by myself
    Turn up ;)

    Thanks for watching.


  3. symmetry world vol.3

    photo work (c) 2013



  4. symmetry world vol.2

    photo work



  5. I appreciate every one….:)


  6. A trip with my girlfriend through a broken, but still beautiful island…

    Music by myself (c)2013
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  7. Music by myself (c) 2013 
    This is not a commercial, but 100% my personal project! 
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    I got an invitation from a pilot of the portuguese air force, who asked me to make a portrait of the Search and Rescue helicopter squad called Squadron 751, which is based in Lisbon, Portugal. This clip is about the base, the crew and their (training) activities…


  8. symmetry world

    photo work



  9. Music by myself (c) 2013

    All imagery recorded from the Nokia 3D Maps (here.com). All movements handmade. Look pimped in FCP7.
    This is a personal project, there is no commercial use.

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    I stumbled upon this awesome service a couple of months ago and I was really impressed about it. Unfortunately my graphic card (GT8800) was not powerful enough to realize my idea. I tested a lot of screen recorders, but all of them throttled the fps of the footages and the results were always too jerky at 720p…:(
    Meanwhile I had to upgrade my card (for another reason) (HD5770) and I tested it again - and it worked much better! :)


  10. This is about the moment after a break up. 
    First intense seconds of shock without any feelings. 
    Loosing ground…

    Soundtrack by myself (c) 2013

    not on small speakers please.

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  11. A comfy eve with friends, family and delicious food. Introducing a friends´ restaurant.
    Music done by myself (c) 2012

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    This clip was an exchange deal…


  12. About the people and the real life in of southern france.
    A road trip through rich culture and good wine.
    No standard landscapes here in is clip… just the flair :)

    Music done by myself. (c) 2012

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  13. Visiting my girlfriend, who has made a medical internship on the seychelles….
    Music done by myself (c) 2012 
    Use BIG speakers or headphones ;)

    Enjoy :)

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  14. done with my few footages from my short trip to NYC last month….

    shot with 5D Mk3@720p

    music done by myself.

    use big speakers or headphones ;)


  15. There is no doubt that nature will be stronger than us, sooner or later. It´s up to us all to keep our planet that gives us much more than we have ever needed…
    music done by myself.
    turn it up, on big speakers or feel free to use headphones.
    make fullscreen!
    5th sequel of my blown series. time to lean back ;)

    (Source: vimeo.com)